Rugged Radios Destination Polaris

Rugged Radios on Destination Polaris

Rugged Radios has their first Project X build coming up. Don't miss it!

A Deep Dive Into ECUs, ECU Tuning, and Clutches

Jump in and see how SuperATV makes their tunes and builds their clutch kits.

SuperATV's new Handheld ECU Tuner

Introducing SuperATV’s New Handheld ECU Tuner

Fast Tunes for Faster Engines

SuperATV Tune it Tuesday

Tune it Tuesday!

We explore the world of Rev1 Tuning with Tyler Greves

SuperATV Bushing Materials

UHMW Bushings: the Ultimate Material for Better Bushings

SuperATV's bushings are made of UHMW. Why does that matter? Because UHMW makes the ultimate bushings, that's why.

SuperATV XRF Material Analyzer

Inside Tech: XRF Material Analyzer

Here's how SuperATV's XRF Material Analyzer works.

SuperATV Unlimited Off-Road expo

SuperATV at the Unlimited Off-Road Expo

We spent the weekend at the Unlimited Off-Road Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. It was very cool so come and take a look!

SuperATV Tyler Greves Racer Bio

Tyler Greves Racer Bio

Tyler Greves TEAM: Team SuperATV AGE: 28 HOMETOWN: Madison, IN YEARS RACING: 23 My love of racing started at the age of two with a Suzuki JR 50 dirt bike. From the first time riding a machine with a throttle all the way until now, my passion for motorsports has grown, with good faith, hard ...