Upcoming UTV/ATV Events

If you see this:cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png that means we’re planning on being there. Our attendance is subject to change at any time. Stuff happens sometimes.


June 2-3, 2017|Unlimited Off Road Expo|Louisville, KY cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


June 8-10, 2017|Busco Mud Bash|Goldsboro, NC cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


June 16-18, 2017|Thrills in the Hills Off-Road Jamboree|Tams, WV


June 22-24, 2017|2017 HPOCA National Summer Show|Madison, INcropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


June 21-25, 2017|National ATV/UTV Jamboree|Fillmore, UT


June 23-24, 2017|U4 Badlands Off Road|Attica, INcropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


June 24, 2017|DTOR – King of the Shell SxS Series Race 3|Bedford, KYcropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


July 6-9, 2017|Rally in the Pines|Mackay, ID


July 22, 2017|DTOR – King of the Shell SxS Series Race 4|Bedford, KYcropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


July 26-30, 2017|DuneFest|Winchester Bay, OR


Aug. 4-5, 2017|Jericho ATV Festival|Berlin, NH


Aug. 9-12, 2017|Paiute Trail Jamboree|Marysvale, UT


Aug. 10-13, 2017|Rock Run ATV Summer Blast|Patton, PA


Aug. 12-13, 2017|U4 Dirty Turtle Off-road|Bedford, KY cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Aug. 17-19, 2017|Manti Mountain ATV-UTV Run|Manti, UT


Aug. 22-26, 2017|Bryce ATV/UTV Rally|Panguitch, UT


Aug. 26, 2017|DTOR – King of the Shell SxS Series Race 5|Bedford, KYcropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Sept. 6-9, 2017|Arapeen ATV/UTV Jamboree|Emery, UT


Sept. 14-16, 2017|San Juan ATV Safari|Blanding UT


Sept. 15-17, 2017|Windrock-Pro Rock Racing Hill Climb Event|Oliver Springs, TN cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Sept. 15-17, 2017|Sand Sports Super Show|Costa Mesa, CA cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Sept. 16-18, 2017|Brimstone Paragon|Huntsville, TNcropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Sept. 18-22, 2017|Rocky Mountain ATV/UTV Jamboree|Richfield, UT


Sept. 19-23, 2017|ATV Historical Color Tour|Buena Vista, CO


Sept. 21-24, 2017|AIMExpo|Columbus, OH cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Sept. 23-25, 2017|Rally at the Rock|Patton, PA


Sept. 23, 2017|DTOR – King of the Shell SxS Series Finals|Bedford, KY cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Sept. 26-30, 2017|Eastern Sierra ATV & UTV Jamboree|Coleville, CA


TBD|Busco Beach – Fall Bash|Goldsboro, NC cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Oct. 5-8, 2017|Pumpkin Run ATV Rally|Mercer, WI


Oct. 5-9, 2017|Hatfield-McCoy National TrailFest|Gilbert, WV


Oct. 19-21, 2017|Windrock – Fall Jamboree|Oliver Springs, TN cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Oct. 27-29, 2017|Dirty Turtle – Boo Bash|Bedford, KY cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Oct. 31-Nov. 3, 2017|SEMA Show|Las Vegas, NV cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png


Nov. 9-11, 2017|SxS Adventure Rally|Hurricane, UT


Nov. 18, 2017|Str8 Up Final Series|Bremen, AL  cropped-superatv-logo-yellow-registration.png

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